Strive To Be Kind

We all have a voice

About Strive To Be Kind

Strive To Be Kind is held every year during July to promote positive behaviours and raise awareness for the prevention of family and domestic violence. The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation is raising funds to deliver programs that empower and prevent domestic and family violence through education.

2019 Campaign: Relationship Red Flags

The 2019 concept focuses on drawing attention and education to the non-physical signs of domestic violence, which can often be overlooked, but are just as crucial in the journey to prevent domestic and family violence within Australia.

As a society we often focus on the physical signs. It is important for Australians to realise that the signs of domestic and family violence manifest in many ways, and that the non-physical signs are just as important to identify. Through this campaign, we aim to bring further awareness and education towards the non-physical signs and empower bystanders to speak up.

We All Have A Voice. .

In 2018, Strive To Be Kind focused on how ‘we all have a voice’, and how this voice should be used to spread kindness. Through this message we aimed to highlight that verbal and emotional abuse is a common sign and behaviour within domestic and family violence, with one in four women experiencing verbal and emotional abuse by a current or former partner.

We are also encouraged the community to get involved by baking and sharing a Kindness Cookie recipe and engaging with us on social media by using the hashtag #FillYourselfWithKindness throughout the month of July.

Strive To Be Kind Day- Friday July 26th, 2019

A part of the Strive To Be Kind campaign is Strive To Be Kind Day. On this day people are encouraged to wear yellow and spread positivity and kindness. The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation also hosts the Strive To Be Kind Lunch, this year once again being held at Victoria Park Golf Complex.

Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved and show your support for The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation. Even the smallest act of wearing yellow on Strive To Be Kind Day, Friday July 26th, 2019 is a great way to show your support.


Register your school or business to take part in the Strive To Be Kind Day.



Show your support by donating to The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation.


Get involved and show your support through social media by spreading the hashtag #FillYourselfWithKindness during July.


“Allison was a kind, generous and loving woman who devoted her life to her children. Her character was impeccable and her actions always displayed love and kindness in all that she did.”