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Hope Support Empowerment

Welcome to Allison’s Legacy


The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation aims to build a national community that acknowledges the prevalence of domestic and family violence and seeks to create an Australia that is committed to eliminating and taking affirmative action to stop domestic and family violence.

By sharing Allison’s story through the national training program, Allison’s Gift, the Foundation educates the community to recognise the signs of family and domestic abuse, including coercive control and gives people the necessary skills to support friends and family members in abusive relationships.

It is important to understand the many ways that domestic and family violence manifests itself, and ensures the red flags of an unhealthy relationship are recognised. To assist, the Foundation has developed various resources including double-sided Power and Control Wheels (adapted from the Duluth Model) as an interactive tool which have been distributed across Australia.  

Power and Control Wheels

Strive to Be Kind Lunch 2024 – SOLD OUT

Celebrate Strive To Be Kind Day in 2024!

Friday 26th of July 2024
11:30am -3:00pm
Hillstone St Lucia
Carawa Street St Lucia Qld 4067

Join the Foundation in spreading kindness on Strive To Be Kind Day! The day was first created as a positive legacy for Allison who was a kind and generous person and encourages workplaces, schools and the general community to wear yellow, decorate their workplaces/classrooms in yellow and simply spread ‘random acts of kindness’.


One in six women and one in 16 men have experienced physical and/or sexual violence by a current or previous partner


One in four women and one in six men have experienced emotional abuse by a current or previous partner since the age of 15.


46% of women and seven in 10 men who have experienced violence from a current partner do not seek advice or support after the incident

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