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Strive To Be Kind Ambassadors

Sharyn Ghidella – Channel 7 News

“Kindness to me is all about thinking of others before thinking of yourself. It’s about being generous .. it’s about being thoughtful.. it’s about helping someone out and never expecting anything in return. Being kind makes the world a better place.”

Georgina Lewis – Ten Eyewitness News

“Kindness is key to happiness.  It’s being respectful of others. Whether it’s taking a moment to ask, “how are you?” or catching someone’s eye with a smile, it’s the littlest of gestures that often mean the most.”

Melissa Downes – Nine News

“Kindness is one of the most important qualities a person can possess .. it has a positive power unlike anything else.”

Andrew Lofthouse – Nine News

“Kindness doesn’t cost anything. Doesn’t have to be returned. Doesn’t need a language, or an explanation. Share it”

Max Futcher- Channel Seven Queensland
“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late.” 


Samu Kerevi – Queensland Reds

“Kindness means being considerate to others and always giving a helping hand. Doing things that you don’t necessarily need to do for others.”

Katie Noonan – Australian Singer/Songwriter

“Kindness to me is Love. Kindness to me is empathy and the ability to see something from another perspective other than your own.”

Darcia Ondrovcik – Australian Cross Fitter

Kindness starts at home. It means being true to my own feelings and values. If these are aligned then I am able to show true kindness to others. Kindness means accepting people for who they are and not trying to change them- we can’t change anyone. It means being there for others through the highs and lows and showing compassion and support when needed.”

Laurel, Gary & Mark – 4KQ Breakfast

“I’ve always lived my life by the moto that everyone deserves the life that you want to live.” – Mark

“Family is the most important thing in life, and everyone deserves to feel safe and loved in their family.” – Garry

Brad Webb – Darb Bridal Coutoure

“Kindness should like breathing, you can’t help but do it. “

Bianca, Terry & Bob – 97.3 Breakfast

“Kindness to me means showing compassion to everyone we come across even when we don’t feel like it because we never know what others are going through.” – Bianca

“Kindness means taking the time out of my day, my life, my troubles for anyone from a crying child to an adult friend in need or distress to say your life, your time, your happiness are what is important now.” – Terry

“Kindness to me , means winning a meat tray at the pub and sharing with our sons. Driving our elderly neighbour to the supermarket for groceries and walking another neighbours dog while they are on holidays.” – Bo

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