Allison's Gift Testimonials

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I think the Allison’s gift program is just so important, and I especially loved the techniques and strategies that are all non-confrontational. I think the “concerns” that many have had about getting involved in these situations in the past is because they thought the only approach was to confront the situation, now via the Allison’s Gift program we know it can be as subtle as distraction, asking a question, diffusing the situation for long enough to break the escalation, and letting the victim know that the behaviour isn’t okay. I now feel so much more able to act on that “uncomfortable” feeling when faced with certain scenarios.
Gaven Nicholls

General Manager, Telstra Enterprise, Queensland

Allison’s Gift has changed my life in multiple ways. Within just a week, I found myself empowered to act when I witnessed something that I previously would have walked past. It has been the spark for multiple conversations with family and friends and it’s made me think really hard about myself and the importance of the behaviours I model to my children. If I could have just one wish granted, it would be for every member of our community to go through this training.

Dom Hannigan

Brand, Rio Tinto Corporate Relations, Queensland

The Allison’s Gift Bystander Training was impactful, emotional, enlightening and powerful.

The content resonated with everyone due to its personal nature, which in some instances caused highly emotional responses. It was also extremely relevant to our world, and left participants with a much greater appreciation of the insidious nature of domestic violence and it various forms.

Most importantly, people departed the session feeling that they could help others experiencing domestic violence. And that this assistance can start with a very simple act or gesture.

Angela Young

Regional Advanced Technology Specialists, Telstra, Queensland

I took the course on Friday, and just a quick note to say how incredibly moved I was, and how helpful the course was.
Our instructors (Anoushka and Shaan) were fantastic, and to see a message from Allison’s parents, and hear her sister Vanessa speak with such composure and dignity, is very admirable.

Over the course of the 4 hours, I laughed, I cried, I swore out loud.

I will never forget Allison Baden-Clay’s name. For the rest of my life, I will recall her story, and I already know that what I learned on Friday will stay with me. After the course, I feel empowered to help anyone in that situation. I have the knowledge identify warning signs, and I also have the tools to be a great bystander.

Once again – thank you all. Allison’s family and all of your team. Your course is an honour to Allison’s memory, and you should all be so proud that you are not just keeping her alive in people’s minds, but also helping to prevent another tragic story like Allison’s.

Louise, 32